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  1. 48 synonyms of shock from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for shock. Shock: a forceful coming together of two things.
  2. May 08,  · Shock happens when not enough blood and oxygen can get to your organs and tissues. It causes very low blood pressure and may be life-threatening. It often happens along with a serious injury. There are several kinds of shock. Hypovolemic shock happens when you .
  3. Shock definition is - a sudden or violent mental or emotional disturbance. How to use shock in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of shock.
  4. Sep 11,  · Shock is a critical condition brought on by the sudden drop in blood flow through the body. Shock may result from trauma, heatstroke, blood loss, an allergic reaction, severe infection, poisoning, severe burns or other causes. When a person is in shock, his or her organs aren't getting enough blood or oxygen.
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  6. Shock is a life-threatening medical condition as a result of insufficient blood flow throughout the body. Shock often accompanies severe injury or illness. Medical shock is a medical emergency and can lead to other conditions such as lack of oxygen in the body's tissues, heart attack (cardiac arrest) or organ damage. It requires immediate.
  7. Shock, in physiology, failure of the circulatory system to supply sufficient blood to peripheral tissues to meet basic metabolic requirements for oxygen and nutrients and the incomplete removal of metabolic wastes from the affected tissues. Learn more about shock in this article.
  8. Shock Definition Shock is a medical emergency in which the organs and tissues of the body are not receiving an adequate flow of blood. This deprives the organs and tissues of oxygen (carried in the blood) and allows the buildup of waste products. Shock can result in serious damage or even death. Description There are three stages of shock: Stage I (also.

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